Polo, my assistant for setting up and taking down shows and ........When my hands give out, Polo's hands assist.

Dippy, who keeps things from getting away.

Jewelry Process

All jewelry is folded, coated with Stiffy(a fabric stiffener)  to seal and stiffen the washi. Then all are sprayed with an acrylic lacquer for shine and durability.



My newest assistant - the guard cat JoJo....don't want a butterfly flying away!
Wholesale inquiries welcome!

My Journey into Origami   


Eleven years being enamored with the  beautiful print fiberous Japanese chiyogami yuzen washi paper......... as seen above.  Collecting and collecting as I found yet another piece of paper

 prettier than the last...... Not enough drawer, or wall space.   

      What a predicament!

      I learned some origami from the children I taught English to in Japan. When I came to

 Maryland, a friend asked me if I could fold the cranes small enough to make a pair of earrings.



and an excuse/reason to keep collecting paper........even now. Every time I get see new prints I have to buy more and fold it. Thank you to my customers who love it too.


     I started with a 10' square booth selling  all origami. Now, I sell the most popular designs. 

They are always changing.

     Five years ago, for the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. I made Butterflys and Flower

 Blossoms.........instant sell out.  This year, 2014, I'm folding a raindrop for spring that becomes a lantern for summer and fall.


     The 'Tsuru' Crane earrings have been my best seller since I started in 1990.  Folding a thousand cranes is good luck, health, prosperity.................After 1000, it is carpel tunnel and tendonitis!


A Brief History    

     When and where origami came from is really unknown. Some feel that it must have come

 soon after papermaking in 105A.D.  in China, but there are no indications of paper folding in any Chinese records.

     Buddhist monks introduced paper making and folding to Japan in the late sixth century. 

 Certain folded models were used  in Shinto religious ceremonies. The word "gami", in Japanese means paper and is a homonym for 'spirit' or 'god.The word "oru" translates "to fold". 

This art form was called 'orikata' (folded shapes) for many years. Regardless of the origin, Japan

 is recognized as the country that made origami a tradtional art form.

     Paper was expensive, and folding was not for recreational use . It was folded in specials 

ways to accompany a valuable gift and the various folds represented good fortune, sincerity, 


     It is interesting that the recreational designs for folding were passed on from mother to 

daughter orally. The first written instructions appeared in 1797 A.D. in a book called 'Senbazuru Orikata' (Thousand Crane Folding).

     In the early 1950's Akira Yozhizawa published books with completely new designs. He, with

 the help of an American, Sam Randlett, also developed the standard set of symbols used today.


      There are many sites on the internet that delve into the history of origami and its designs;





Origami Jewelry Process


       I fold my jewelry from yuzen/chiyogami washi paper. It is very fiberous and I've discovered 

that the bright prints do not fade in sunlight. 

      I put small pieces of stencil plastic in the wings of the cranes, dragonflys, and kimono 

body and sleeves before gluing.

     Then, I coat each piece with a fabric stiffener to seal the paper and stiffen parts. Then they 

are sprayed with an acrylic lacquer for shine.



** The backs of all the jewelry cards have the Japanese "Kanji" character for that item and a Japanese haiku (poem) or description of the item.


** All ear wires are 14/20 gold coat slipless wire from Rio Grande in Albuquerque.

 In the 25 years I have used these, no customers have complained of allergic reactions.


** Adjustable clip earrings are available upon request.

'Tsuru' Good LuckCranes
     An auspicious symbol of peace, health, happiness, good luck and longevity
,....especially if you fold or own 1000. (after that it is carpel tunnel and tendinitis)

"I shall write peace upon your wings.
You shall fly around the world so that children 
will no longer have to die this way."

      Earrings $24        ( 1" wing tip to tip)     Pins $20  (2"wing)

An auspicious symbol of  peace, health, happiness, good luck and longevity, especially if you fold or own? 1000. (after folding 1000 it is carpel tunnel and tendinitis) 


             Earrings         $24      (1,5" x 1.5")  Pins      $15   (2"x2")            

  Card back; "Traditional silk dress worn by Japanese women for formal occasions with

 a 5 yen Japanese coin for prosperity and bamboo for longevity" 

Oriental Combination Earrings          $25                                        Maneki Neko

                   Fan/Tsuru                         Fan/kimono                        Beckoning Cat  

                                                                                                  Earring  $26    Pin   $19 

"Chou Chou" Butterfly         


  "Butterfly! These words from my brush

are not flowers....... only their shadows."

                                              Soseki (haiku)

     Earrings      $24                                    Pin     $15

"Hana" Blossom      



"After the bells had rung

And were silent.............

Flowers chimed

A peal of fragrance.

                                           sho (haiku poet)

     Earrings        $24                                Pins            $15

"Tonbo" (Dragonfly) 

symbol of immortality and regeneration

"Red dragonfly

 on my shoulder calls me his friend

Autumn has arrived."


      Earrings       $24

Kimono w/tonbo on the Shoulder Pin    $17

"Kaeru" Frog Prince  

"little frog among rain-shaken leaves

are you too

splashed with fresh green paint."

                            Gaki (haiku poet)    


   Earrings    $30                                    Pins           $15     (1")


come in princely greens    or     rainforest brights

(in Japanese, a frog is symbol of 'return', whether it be a person or money.)



frog origami earrings

"Kani" Crab              

                                      "Cheasapeake Blue Crabs

shadows in sun lit waters

Old Bay Seasoning"


Pin      $30    (~2")

(Kani starts with a 6" square of paper and takes ~20 min. to fold._

"Chochin"Hanging Lantern
    "A quick song                                 "Moon in the autumn dawn
inside the lantern                                nearing month's end
      Katydid"       lantern in the eaves"
                             Issa                                                      Anon

Earrings     $24
"Colibri"  Spanish
a Southern American native

"awake at dawn
darting through strands of mist
the flower seeker"
                                Larry Gates
            Earrings      $24
Polo helps me fold, cleans the house etc.
Mr. Dippy, former assistant
JoJo, new guard in training, to keep butterflys from flying away.