Kumihimo Kreations 
       My braiding is a a personal expression. I have now been braiding for over 25 years on the simple 'marudai' (round stand). I am tempted to braid on the more complex braiding stands but there is still so much I can play with on the marudai.
        I start with a focal pieces that I  have found, or made and creating a 'gathering of threads = kumihimo that will complement the personalityh of that piece and give it life.
      I  use a variety of braid techniques in each pendant. Pendants are braided with 8 to 16 bobbins. I use mainly rayon fibers, many dyed by Roz Houseknecht and Janet Thompson. But, I also use chainette and novelty knitting/crochet fibers, anything that speaks to me.  All braids are sprayed with Scotchgard for some protection. Can be gently hand washed.

     Bracelets all have magnetic clasps and safety chains.

My Journey

     Why learn Japanese braiding with very fine expensive silk thread when I don't need an belt for the obi for the kimono I don't wear! And, I could buy kumihimo belts at the flea markets in Tokyo to use for ties around my neck. They were so beautiful.

     Ten years ago, I finally gave into pressure from my weaver friends in Maryland and took a weekend class in the late '90's from a British gentleman, Roderick Owens, a member of the Baltimore Weavers' Guild, who had studied kumihimo in Japan. After all......  in Japan....... I had studied sumi-e (brush painting), tea ceremony, ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), paper making, origami, and silk paintex. Here was something very Japanese.


            Braiding takes concentration and yet, it is meditation........the sound of the wood bobbins softly striking the legs of the marudai as the threads move around clockwise and counter clockwise.

      Braiding is a personal expression. I have now been braiding for over 20 years on the simple marudai (round stand) . I am tempted to braid on the more complex braids on a bigger piece of equipment but there is still so much I can 'play' with on the marudai.  I enjoy taking an object, the focal piece for a pendant and creating a gathering of threads that will complement the the personality of that piece and give it life.! "

Traditional Kumihimo

Learn to braid an 8 bobbin braid on the traditional Japanese Marudai.

~6 hr. class   (4 hr. + 2 hr. finishing techniques)
Stand, thread, accessories provided for the class.

e-mail for more info: shawnnee@shabana.biz
Kumihimo Art-to-Wear Pendants
Autumn Kimono

      Artist made ceramic kimono covered with Yuzen washi paper design of autumn flowers/leaves. Decorated w/glass flower beads.

Includes: kimono earrings to match

Kimono size" ~ 3" x 3"

Braid: 8 bobbin

Fibers: rayon slub, recycled kimono silk lining

                 ~28" long                                          

     Soutache w/buttons by Adja Zorko (Ukraine), glass beads, metal button accents and closure

Braid: 16 bobbin "ADD" (various patterns)
Fibers: rayons, nylon metallic chainette

Star Flower
      Glass button surrounded by 2-hole triangle beads and dragon scale glass beads mounted on a metal understructure.

Braid: 2- pre-braided 8 bobbin braids w/thin wire included. These 2 braids then included with a 6 bobbin Mt. Road Lace design.

Fibers: slub rayon, rayon, thin wire

Crab Season
     Artist woven wire crab net filled with Calif. sea glass. Joan's ceramic crab, glass beads.
           Sea glass earrings included.

Braid: 16 bobbin "ADD" (various patterns)
Fiber: rayon slub, nylong ribbon, silver chainette

Chesapeake Bay
         Chesapeake Bay oyster shells pin by AH with Bay sea glass pieces, glass star fish, and cloisonne crab pin. 
                             Includes glass starfish earrings.

Braid: 8 bobbin "ADD" (various patterns)
Fiber: Rayons, nylon gimp.

Year of the "Niwatori" (Rooster)
(1933, 1945, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

     8 bobbin altered flat braid  with 3 pattern variations.
     Focal piece Upcycled metal pin on malachite donut bead. Dragonfly beads, glass beads added . Hook clasp.
     Fibers: Dyed Dreams rayon slub, rayons, nylon ribbon. 

Includes rooster earrings.

(card back gives oriental horoscope for those born in the year of the rooster)                         
         " Woven" polymer clay pendant by Maria
     Braid: 16 bobbin Spirals

    Fiber: Dyed Dream rayon.

             27 "                               


Year of the Dragon
16116 bobbin variation spirals and square braid patterns.

     Focal piece: Soochow Jade dragon belt ornament, with glass, ceramic, and jade beads or accents. 
Chinese dragon kanji(character) earrings included.

     Fibers: Scherazad cotton slub w/rayon wrap,  turq. poly ribbon,  purple braided rayon cord

    ~30"                              NFS                            8/14

Sakura KimonoCherry Blossom KimonoSCh

    Focal: Artist created ceramic kimono back with washi paper bamboo/cherry blossoms.
     Bamboo/good luck charm earrings included.

     16 bobbin "ADD" (various pattern) braid

Fibers: recycled kimono lining, rayon slub, rayon, metallic chainette. 

                                            Sold                                                                  514
Out of the Blue, I Decided to Paint the Town Red,
 but I'm Never on the Same Page....so one House is Purple
    Freeform bead embroidery of a group of houses in red with one house in purple.....cuz I'm never on the same page.!

       16 bobbin round  braids, various patterns

       Fiber: blue rayon slub that changed to red and back to blue.
    The Weavers' Guild of Greater Baltimore had a show in May 2014 entitled "Idioms in Fiber to showcase the creativity work of our members. 
      I entered this in the Jewelry/Accessories category and got a 2nd place hand woven ribbon.

" Thinkin Outside the Box" 
(oriental match box cover, that is)
       16 bobbin "flower" pattern
   Vintage Oriental Cloisonne Match Box cover with added seed bead, crystal bead flowers and leaves.

    Fibers: 'Dyed Dreams' slub rayon, rayons, gold metallic chainette.
     In the 'Idioms in Fiber" show my piece below won a First Prize handwoven ribbon in the Jewelry/Accessory category.

Cellini Spiral Beaded Bead
Focal: Cellini Spiral Bead with Swarkoski, & glass beads.

     16 bobbin spiral braid patterns
     Fibers: rayons

Year of the Horse
(1930, '42, '54,'66, '78, '90, '02, '14)
Focal piece: Japanese folk art Hachinohe Festival 
wood horse, wood beads

8 bobbin round & split round braid
Fiber: rayons, metallic red chainette

Focal piece: Japanese folk art Hachinohe Horse
, wood beads
Year of the Horse

Focal piece: Chinese carved Zipao Jade horse heads 
with matching earrings

8 bobbin "ADD" (various patterns) braid

Fibers: cotton/rayon slub, rayon slub, metallic


Year of the Ox (Ushi)
(1937, 1949, 1961, 1985, 1997,2009)

Focal: Chinese "green" carved Ox pendant.
 Claimed as jade by on-line seller. I have my doubts.

  16 bobbin round and exagerated spiral  
(S14 from Book of Braids)
Fiber: Cotton w/ rayon slub and Dyed Dreams Dana rayons


Macrame spirals
by Slovik
w/ bead center accents

12 bobbin spiral variations
S19 - 1,2 from Book of Braids

Fibers: rayons, rayon slub, rayon chainette

Trifari Aztec God
(Vintage Collectible Pin)

20 bobbin flat Pin of 2 different braid patterns
(S19 Book of Braids)

Fiber: Rayons, gold chainette

25"                         $175                                  9/14
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