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     Welcome to my gallery of Kumihimo Kreations that have found new and appreciative homes. 

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Kimono Series

'06 Flower Braid Raku Kimono $79
Flower Braid Detail
'06 Raku Kimono $79
'12 Fall Leaves/Dragonfly Kimono $150
Artist Raku Ceramic Kimono $79
Artist ceramic Kimono $79
Ceramic kimono $59
Artist ceramic raku kimono w/washi paper cover $79
'Grape Leaves' ceramic kimono w/washi paper $100
"Sakura on Waves' ceramic kimono $100
'Haru' Spring ceramic kimono $100
Sakura Kimono
Cherry Blossom w/earrings $140 8/14
Oriental Zodiac 

Year of the Dragon 16 bobbin w/fimo dragon & earrings. $150
Wood Horse w/artist beaded saddle, earrings $175 -
Year of the Tiger $65
Year of the Dragon 16bobbin, antique pin, turq. $175
Jade Dragon w/earrings $100
Year of the Tiger Jade, 16 bobbin $100
Year of the Snake, pin on ceramic 8 bobbin braid $60
Horse Chinese Jade, hand blown glass horse $200
Vintage Turq. rabbit, turq beads 16B $200
Year of the Sheep
Not a Beader's Beads
Thanks to the patience of Bead Soup in Savage, MD, I have learned how to do "some beading" but ONLY for pieces I can use with kumihimo.
Reverse Cellini Spiral with 8 bobbin spiral braid $130
Mandala w/carnellian,ceramic + ear 16 bobbin $150
'Southwest' Reverse Cellini Spiral w/copper $150
Russian Spiral $120
Cellini Amy. seed beads 16B ear $175
Cellini lg grey beads, earrings $175
Purple Dream Mandala
Peacock Agate
Open neck
(8 & 16 bobbin hollow round w/wire armature inside)
ceramic, stone leaves 16B $125
Obsidian & coral butterflys, pyrite donut $130
Ceramic Tubes w/long hanging braids
The Garden

Creatively Playing Around

Fimo Fun
Dramatic Cinnabar
Fimo Fun
Copper Charm