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Where your pleasure is,

there is your treasure.

Where your treasure is, there is your heart.

Where you heart is,

there is your happiness!


Kumihimo Kreations


(A gathering of threads)

      Traditional Japanese braiding dates back to around 800 AD.Kumihimo silk braids were used for lacing together Samurai armor pieces. They are still used today for the  decorative tassels on scrolls,  ties on silk "haori" jackets and the thin silk braided belt that is used to hold on the "obi" belt wrapped  around the traditional Japanese kimono worn for ceremonies and special occasions.

      Braids are made on different types of wood stands (dai): marudai = round, kakudai = square, ayatakudai = large, complex.

     Braids very in complexity from a simple 4 bobbin braid up to multiple strands on the larger more complex stands. The number of patterns are endless.