SHABANA          Origami Originals     &
                                                                Kumihimo Kreations

Shawnnee Holmberg's Journey

     I arrived in Japan in 1971. Learned the language enough to travel, meet the Japanese and experience/learn many aspects of the culture....tea ceremony, writing, Ikebana, origami.

Where your pleasure is,

there is your treasure.

Where your treasure is, there is your heart.

Where you heart is,

there is your happiness!

My Journey into Origami   


      Eleven years being enamored with the  beautiful print  fiberous Japanese chiyogami yuzen washi(paper) .  Collecting and collecting and I found yet another piece of paper,  prettier than the last...... Not enough drawer, or wall space.   

What a predicament!

      I learned some origami from the children I taught English to in Japan.

     When I came to Maryland in 1988, a friend asked me if I could fold origami cranes small enough to make earrings.


 An excuse, a reason to keep collecting paper........even now.

Kumihimo Story
     Temple markets, and   neighborhood "de-stash" days were great for picking up unwanted kimonos and obi-jime silk belts. And Japanese friends gave me these treasures too as they no longer used them. 
      I was a weaver and clothing designer!! 
     After returning to Maryland  I was coerced into taking a class with Terry Flynn in 1992? as it was Japanese and I needed to add it to my experiences of Japanese culture. Never looked back. I was hooked. Poor sad looms just sit and patiently wait.
     But obi-jime Collect pieces and make pendants. Collect, and make !!!
Think outside-the-box. Creativity.